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Well, you don't have to put up with this water torture any longer. Finally there is a solution to the age-old problem of dripping, leaking showers.

And the faster you repair leaks the better - not just for the sake of your sanity. Leaks can rot the structure of your home or cause health-hazadous mould and mildew to grow. Eliminating leaks will also help you cut down on energy waste and costly water bills.

The solution to leaking showers and dripping bathroom taps is a single mixer system from QUOSS, an Australian-owned company, which spent eight years designing and developing the Reno Transformer Series - a simple, affordable technology which will transform old taps into a stylish single-lever mixer.

This patented technology is maintenance-free as no spindle replacement is required - so you won't even need to tear down walls, break tiles, change or reconnect pipes.

All you need do is remove the old fixtures and replace them with Reno Transformer shower or mixer taps using a drill-free rail bar system. So it's easy to install and just as simple to dismantle, leaving no marks or traces to repair. And because the Reno Transformer shower and taps are interchangeable you can take them with you when you move out - perfect for renters.

The Reno Transformer Series fitting technology also allows you to retrofit to almost any shape and size bathroom types and to any two-tap system in Australia. Many types of products can now be easily retrofitted, including the thermostat shower, thermostat bath, Cobra style taps and Diverter (bath/shower).

Quoss Products: More than meets the eye!

QUOSS have been manufacturing showers and bathroom/kitchen taps over 25 years, and continuously invest in research and development for superior technological products. The company has customised and designed products to meet the needs and requirements of Australian lifestyle.


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