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Me and my partner Martin just wanted to write to you about our wonderful new Quoss shower head experience…the shower has totally transformed our showers, our skin is soft and radiant and the spray is like silk, standing underneath the shower has turned into a delightful experience!! We are so excited about our new shower that we have three showers a day and don’t get out until the hot water runs out.

I am a difficult consumer but when I find a product I love I believe it needs praise and I have been spreading the word about the Quoss shower head to my friends and family. I believe every Australian needs to experience this amazing pleasurable shower expeience.

Today I unscrewed the shower head and was horrified to find it was black with dirt!! We had been washing with that…but not anymore!.

Thanks for the advice and your extremely kind gift. 

We would be happy to testify to this to sell your product, and test new shower experiences!!



Our Most Kindest Regards,


Marcus and Martin

Marcus Styant-Browne



Thank you guys for installing the Reno Transformer.  I was surprised how quick it was and I was able to go to work after.  My bathroom looks modern and I'm happy with the decision I made to change my old style shower fittings.  Now I don't have to call my handyman to change the washers!  Also, cleaning my shower screen is much easier with the flexible hose. What a great innovative product, I'm going to recommend it to my friends.  I'm going to change my basin tap too!




Lulu Espinosa

Seven Hills NSW

Lulu Espinosa



2 weeks ago we purchased a set of Transformers from you. This is just a letter to say how happy we are with the product.

The service from you on the day was much appreciated as well.

We found the items very easy to install and as you can see from the Photos fitted our needs very well. We would have no hesitation in recommending them to other people.


Thanks and regards


Don and Roslyn Pearson







Don and Roslyn Pearson
Home Owner Family

Sent: Monday, 09 November, 2009 10:32 AM
To: info@quoss.com.au
Subject: Freestyle Shower

Dear Quoss,

My wife has been complaining about our shower taps for a couple of years asking for a mixer,
and I finally got around to doing something about it. Bunnings recommended the Quoss unit.
Having studied the instructions carefully and assembled my tools, it was installed in about 15

I greatly admire the quality construction and the ingenious method of sourcing the water supply. 
My wife's comment: 'I've just had the most marvellous shower!' 
Thank you!

Alastair Bax (72)

We have found your transformer tapware to be a fantastic and economical way to update our
customer’s homes.
Our customers are particularly impressed that there is no tile damage associated with installing
the Transformer taps, in fact I have installed them in my own home. Keep up the good service.

Joe Menzel
Mr Washer Plumbing & Electrical

Thanks for the call regarding the one hundred bath- ware shower combination units supplied and installed into
our hotel rooms.
It is hard to believe it has been one year since the installation date, and considering the hotel environment, with no
units requiring maintenance or replacement in that time shows the quality of goods.
I would recommend Quoss for service and competitive pricing to any potential customer if requested.

Tim Bird
Building Manager,
Chifley hotel, Potts Point

Fantastic Invention!
I’ve just found what I have been looking for a long time.
It’s really more than meets the eye.

HJ Park
MD, PHJ Plumbi


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