Why Transformer


    Learn more about our transformer technology.


    From old to new in just 10 mins.


    Download the complete range of products in PDF format.

  • Tired of leaking shower or taps?

    Permanent fix even for damaged in-wall recessed pipe.

  • Sick of replacing spindle washers?

    Totally maintenance free.

  • Is your shower handle giving you wrist pain?

    Reno Transformer, a single turn without the twist.

  • Want to save money and water?

    No need to break wall or tile. Best ever water saving shower.

  • Are you using plastic push-on hose in your bath tap for washing your kids or pets?

    ‘Freedom’ is the answer.

  • Do you have two handles on your laundry?

    Liberate your two hands with ‘Cobra’.

  • Do you have any elderly or kids in your home?

    Make shower enjoyable by choosing our ‘Thermo’ range with preset temperature and easy turn.

  • Want to transform 3 hole vanity or kitchen taps into single mixer?

    Fits into a small middle hole with our innovative connection.

  • Want to upgrade your bathroom into European luxury?

    Choose our ‘Aura Rainfall Shower’.

  • Uncontrollable foul smell from build up of mould and mildew?

  • Problems with damaged bathtub and vanity from rust stains?

  • Want to avoid startling shock from cold water whenever you take shower?

  • Looking for safe and easy shower?

  • How many times are you getting calls from tenants of your managed properties complaining leaking taps and showers?

There are thousands of more reasons...

  • Home owners?

    Make your bathroom luxurious at a small cost and save water substantially. Be free from plumbing problems permanently.

  • Investors?

    Upgrade your bathroom at a minimum cost prior to selling your property.

  • Property Managers?

    Free yourself from plumbing problems forever. Imagine the savings for you and your customers.

  • Renters?

    Drill-free and interchangeable system - take it with you when you move out without leaving any marks.

  • Builders and Architects?

    What will you do when ‘in-wall mixer’ starts to leak?

    Are you willing to waste money to retile and replace the mixer?

    Have you ever wondered about a better and affordable system?


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