Cobra - Flexible Spout

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Cobra - Flexible Spout

Product Code: CW001

Product Description

Modern kitchen/laundry mixer

  • Replaces wall-mounted kitchen/laundry taps
  • Flexible neck and 360° rotating spout with two water spray types

Easy installation

  • Allows use of existing plumbing fixture
  • No extra work involved such as plumbing or knocking down wall
  • Interchangeable between old and new kitchen/laundry
  • Able to take it with you when you move out

Patented innovative fitting technology

  • Covers all distances between the two tap handles (up to 315mm)

No on-going maintenance

  • No need to exchange spindle washers or jumper valves
  • No more drips or leaks permanently


  • Materials: Solid DR brass and polished chrome finish / Top quality ceramic disc cartridge
  • Parts: Mixer and flexible spout, fittings
  • WELS 3 star water rating / 8.0L per minute
  • WM74548
  • Warranty: 5 year on mixer & fittings / Other parts are consumable parts

Fitting Guide

1. If current system is a standard 5/8” breech (two taps and one water spout) as in [Picture 1]

[Picture 1]

Fitting option 1 : QF35

  • Length between centre to centre taps: maximum 315mm
  • Length between taps to surface: minimum 90mm

2. If current system is 1/2” bib taps (two water spouts – hot & cold) as in [Picture 2]

[Picture 2]

Fitting option 2 : 12FM (1/2” Male) If current system has two female threads (two holes)

Fitting option 3 : 12FF (1/2” Female) If current system has two male threads



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