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Before Installation

  Would it fit into existing plumbing fixtures?
  Australian Standard sizes for shower breeches are 150mm (6") and 200mm (8"), and for the bath, it’s normally 300mm (12"). Quoss shower products cover up to 265mm, and Quoss Liberty, Freedom and Cobra mixers cover up to 315mm. However, Quoss Reno series can cover up systems that exceed these distances with a different combination of fittings and/or mixers. Please refer to the Fitting Table on our website for more information, and contact us to get the longer fittings and/or mixer.
  The distance between the two tap handles of the shower exceeds 315mm centre to centre. Can I still install Reno shower?
  Yes, please contact us to get a longer mixer (200mm mixer) with a standard fittings (QF35) which covers up to 315mm. Where the distance is over 315mm, we can supply the longer mixer (200mm mixer) with longer fittings (QF35L) which covers up to maximum 360mm. (Please refer to the  Fitting Table for more information.)

  Do I need to do waterproofing?
  No, you don’t need to do waterproofing because there is no plumbing needed at all when installing the Reno Transformer series. Quoss allows you to use existing plumbing fixtures without breaking down the tiles and thus, waterproofing is not needed.
  Can I install the Quoss Reno Shower on vertical tap handles?
  Yes, you can install Quoss products onto vertical tap handles, except for the Rain Shower Sunflower product. As for the Thermo Shower product, the left side of the mixer needs to be connected to the hot water outlet, and the right side of the mixer needs to be connected to the cold water outlet.  
  Our kitchen tap is mounted on the wall, not on the sink. Do you have any products for replacing this?
  Yes, you can install Quoss Freedom or Cobra into wall-mounted kitchen taps. 
  For Gravity Fed System (Solar Hot Water System / Instantaneous Hot Water System)
  In some cases, the hot water system has a separate tap. Before installation, you may need to shut down the hot water supply separately in addition to closing the main water supply. You should be aware that the cold water pressure is much greater than hot water pressure in gravity fed systems. Therefore, we recommend you to half close the main supply of the cold water and fully open the hot water supply after installation.

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During Installation

  Do I have to remove the spindle from the existing taps?
  Yes. You should remove all existing parts including spindles, washers, and any extensions or adaptors.
  When I remove the existing taps, I have different sized threads (pipes) in the wall.  
  We have a variety of fittings such as 5/8" fittings for in-wall recess tee, 1/2" male or female fittings for pillar/bib taps. Please contact us if you would like to know which one is right for your system. (Please refer to the Fittings Table for more information.) 
Note: If you are installing the Thermo range into pillar/bib taps, only 1/2" male fittings are available. This means you need to have 1/2" female threads on your wall to install the Thermo range on pillar/bib taps. Otherwise, you can purchase connection adaptors from your local hardware store to match the threads.   
  I currently have leaks due to damaged or cracked seat in the existing recess tee. Can i install Quoss products?
  You can install Quoss products if one of the seats is damaged. Make sure to apply plumbing tape on the existing water outlet (BP19 / shower head or spout outlet) and also on the thread part of the fittings. 
  When I install the Liberty or Freedom product, what happens to the hole where the old spout used to be?  
  A cover cap and flange is included in the package to block off the hole. 
  For the basin mixer and kitchen taps, what can I do for the holes where the old tap handles used to be?
  A rectangle cover plate and 2 round cover caps are included in the package. You can cover the two tap holes with either the rectangle cover plate or the 2 round cover caps. When you insert the cover caps, apply a small amount of silicon onto the rubber underneath the caps. Insert the caps into the hole and tighten by screwing the cap support from underneath the basin. (Rectangle cover plate is not provided with kitchen sink products.)  
  For the basin mixer and kitchen taps, what if the cold flexible hose connector does not fit into the existing basin tap hole?
  Disassemble the lower part of the mixer and unscrew the cold flexible hose (blue colour) from the mixer body. After inserting the mixer body into the basin tap hole, crew the cold flexible hose (blue colour) back onto the mixer body from underneath the basin/sink. Then reassemble the lower part of the mixer again.
  What if my old basin or kitchen tap has seamless copper water pipe connections to the wall? 
  You will need to cut the pipe with a mini cutter and attach a compression union (male 15C x 15MI). You can purchase these items at any local hardware store. 
compression union male       (Compression Union Male )

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After Installation

  After installation of Quoss Reno Transformer Series, hot water does not come out, and only cold water comes out from all other taps  in the house. / Or, only hot or luke warm water comes out.  
  This problem is called "cross connection", when the pressure of cold water surpasses that of the hot water (Or rarely, vice versa). This usually happens when the installation has not been done correctly. When a cross connection happens, you will experience water coming out of the hose cock (BP19), where the old shower head or spout used to be. By checking on the hose cock while installation, you can verify whether there are any cross connection problems and prevent it before completing the installation. 

      Possible causes of cross connection:
        1. You did not tighten the inner cylinder of the crank connector  
        » Wrong installation. Please read our installation guide carefully and tighten the inner cylinder of the crank 
connector with the hex key (allen key) provided. Make sure you tighten until the inner cylinder hits the
          very end. 

         2. You tightened it too hard until the rubber washer on the tip of the crank connector got damaged, leading to leaks.
         » Contact us to get a new rubber washer, then re-install the crank connector.  
         3. Your in-wall recess tee is located deeper than 20mm from the wall, so the rubber washer cannot reach the very 
         end (the recess tee seat) 
         » Connect the deeper extensions (included in the fitting box) and re-install. Please refer to the installation guide
          for more information. 

  After installation of Quoss Reno Transformer Series, the water pressure has dropped remarkably, or no water comes out.
  The water saver inside the mixer could be clogged up with debris or dirt. By using a spanner and allen key, you can take out the water saver, clean it and put it back inside. Please contact us for detailed information on how to do this.

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General Questions

 What is the WELS scheme?
 From the 1st of July 2006, the Water Efficiency Labeling and Standards (WELS) Scheme became mandatory to help reduce Australia's water consumption. All of the Quoss products are in compliance with the WELS scheme.

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Aroma Shower Range

  Which side does the micro filter go in?
  There are two different sides on the micro filter. The shiny, smooth side should face the ceramic balls, and the fluffy, rough side should face the watering plate. 

  The big O-ring seems stretched, it is too big to fit in the shower head.
  The big O-ring is meant to be a little bigger that the size of the shower head, so that it can seal the shower head properly to prevent any leaks. Squish the O-ring inside the shower head with your fingers toward the rims so that it sits tightly on top of the shower plate. 

  The Aroma Sense Q drill-free bracket does not swivel. 
  The bracket is not meant to be swivelled with your hands - it is meant to be quite stiff so that it can hold the shower head firmly. The bracket needs to be installed on the wall first, then use the shower head as a lever to swivel up and down.

  Which direction does the vitamin C filter go in? 
  The white cap part of the filter should go inside the handle first, facing downwards toward the hose, so that the water flows in and out of the filter through the small slit on the cap.

  Can I use a different hose or different elbow flange with the Aroma shower heads? 
  Yes, the aroma shower heads and parts have univeral Australian standard size threads, so you can connect any other standard hose or elbow onto the shower heads.

  I do not have enough aroma/vitamin C discharge from the filter.  
  The If this is your first use, the vitamin C is packed tightly inside the filter, so it may take several hot showers for the water to flow in and out of the filter and have it going. Try several regular showers and see if the problem is solved.   

  I would like a larger amount of aroma/vitamin C discharge. 
  The white cap part of the filter has a slight slit. Use a coin to turn (unscrew) the cap anti-clockwise, but no more than two times. By unscrewing the cap. This will increase the discharge of the aroma and vitamin C, so the filter may run out faster than normal speed. If you still do not have an adequate amount of discharge: unscrew the cap off totally, take out the silver ball bearing inside the filter and try several showers. Once you have enough discharge, put back the ball bearing and cap so that the filter doesn't run out too quickly.  

  How long does the filter last?  
  With 4 showers a day, one filter will last about average 3 months. The lifespan of the filter may differ depending on the water temperature, water pressure, water consumption, etc.

  How often do I have to replace the ceramic ball filter?   
  The ceramic balls are built to be semi-permanent, so you do not need to replace it unless damaged by force. 

  How often do I have to replace the micro filter?   
  Using a dirty micro filter with too much deposits clogged up may disrupt the water flow and lead to damages on the product. So it is recommended that you regularly clean and replace the micro filter. Replacement cycles should vary depending on the amount of water consumed, water pressure, quality of the water in your region, etc. You can wash the micro filter with warm water to remove any deposits. Be careful not to squeeze or twist the filter as this may affect its functions. Replace the micro filter when its too dirty, or when the water pressure drops remarkably.

  Water leaks from my shower unit.     
  Check whether all parts of the shower head is assembled correctly, especially whether all washers are properly placed without any damages. Try to identify where the leak is coming from, and check if there are any cracks or creases. Please contact us for further assistance on the replacement parts.

  Water sprays in different directions from my shower head / The overall pressure has changed.    
  Check whether all parts of the shower head is assembled correctly, especially the big O-ring inside the shower head. If the problem continues, it is most likely that you need to start maintenance. Please refer to the Maintenance Guidelines below for detailed information.

       Maintenance Guidelines for Aroma Shower Heads
        It is recommended that you regularly clean your shower head to prevent blockage and/or damage. Regular
        maintenance will also ensure optimal water pressure. The frequency of your maintenance routine should vary
        depending on the quality of water in your location.

        Because the patented photo-etched holes are very fine, lack of maintenance can cause build-up of lime, calcium and
        other particles in the holes. This can cause water pressure to exceed product specifications, leading to failures such
        as cracked parts, leaks, buckled shower plate, etc. 

         How to clean the watering plate
         1. Fill a small bowl with white vinegar or fresh Coke and soak the watering plate.
         2. Cover the bowl with plastic wrap.
         3. Leave it for several hours, or overnight or longer if build-up is severe.   
         4. Minerals, lime, calcium and other build-ups will dissolve away from the holes. 
         5. Rinse the watering plate with cold water.  

         How to clean the micro filter 
         Wash the micro filter with warm water to remove deposits. Be careful not to squeeze or twist the filter.

         How to clean the ceramic ball filter
         Wash the ceramic ball filter under warm water, and give it a good shake while rinsing to remove any deposits. 


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